Music and audio stuff

by Billy Biggs <>

I write music and some audio code.

Audio apps I've written

My gear page is also here


I haven't recorded much, although I have copies of most of the shows I did with Dave and Mike. I posted some songs to in 1999 under the names BitBlit and Cyclic Redundancy. I also did a recording in summer 1997 arranged with my friend Bryan Fulsom called 'Helicentric Dreams' which I will post the mp3 of sometime soon.

Events I've played at

Pictures from events I've played at:

dal cs geekbeer, 23 January 2004

billy and tony
live at geekbeer

"electronica outside the MC", 12 July 2002

"electronica in the MC 2", 22 March 2002

"electronica in the MC", 30 November 2001

"Close Encounters", 16 July 1998

gear: Kawai K5m, Kawai K4, my PC with Cakewalk, Yamaha AM-802 mixer, Roland D-110, James' overdrive pedal.
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